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Unearth Malee

Neem Black Cumin Organic Soap

Neem Black Cumin Organic Soap

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Neem Black Cumin Organic Soap | Handmade Saponified Soap

All-natural Neem Black Cumin anti-fungal tea tree soap is handmade from an original recipe made with certified organic neem oil from India - a potent oil with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is also packed with moisturizing oils and a blend of other powerful essential oils that help keep bacteria, fungus (including ringworm), and viruses at bay. Neem Black Cumin Organic Soap is a Powerful, rich, and savory soap bar

This bar is perfect for use after training in areas where facilities are shared or when you are in close contact with others. In addition, this formulation has been found to be effective in treating acne. It is suitable for use on the face and body.


Neem Black Cumin Organic Soap Details:

Unearth Malee's Neem Black Cumin Soap is made with saponified organic oils of olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, neem oil, and avocado oil as well as sodium hydroxide, distilled water, tea tree essential oil, organic neem leaf powder, organic cumin powder, and rosemary extract.

The outside wrapping of the soap bar is made of plantable flower-seeded paper. Soak the paper in water, plant, and watch the flowers grow!


4.5-5 oz.

One bar of soap will last 5-6 weeks in the shower.

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