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Unearth Malee

Olive Oil Organic Soap

Olive Oil Organic Soap

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Olive Oil Organic Soap | Handmade Saponified Soap

Olive Oil Organic Soap is believed to be one of the mildest and most moisturizing soap bars available because of its pure and simple recipe. Made of pure organic extra virgin olive oil, it contains no essential oil or additional oils.

Olive oil soap is also known as Castile soap because it is made similarly to a soap originating in the Castile region of Spain. This centuries-old recipe is perfect for extremely sensitive skin.


Olive Oil Organic Soap Details:

Unearth Malee's Olive Oil Soap is made with saponified organic olive oil - that's it!

The outside wrapping of the soap bar is made of plantable flower-seeded paper. Soak the paper in water, plant, and watch the flowers grow!


4.5-5 oz.

One bar of soap will last 5-6 weeks in the shower.

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