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Sweet Harvest Farms

Organic Body Silk Lotion

Organic Body Silk Lotion

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Organic Body Silk Lotion | Handmade Saponified Soap

This Organic Body Silk Lotion lives up to its name! It is non-greasy, fast absorbing, and very hydrating. It will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. This lotion can be used all over your body - from your face to your body down to your toes. 

Organic Body Silk Lotion Details:

You only need a nickel size portion in the palm of your hand to cover both arms and hands, so this 6-ounce bottle will last for months! 

Massage therapists swear by this lotion!

Sweet Harvest Farms' lotion is made with aloe juice, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, honey extract, lemon oil, fennel oil, sage oil, and jojoba oil.

Even though there are negligible amounts of rosemary in our "Rosemary Lotion," it is still suggested that if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you should avoid using any product that contain rosemary.


6 oz

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